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The Sun Also Rises

by Ernest Hemingway

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Book II, Chapter 16 Summary

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The following day, the rain and fog force the fiesta to move indoors. Later, when Jake returns to his room, Montoya pays him a visit. Montoya informs Jake that the American ambassador has requested Romero and Lalanda to meet him for coffee. Montoya is worried that this attention might negatively affect Romero, although it could be good for Lalanda. In response, Jake proposes that Montoya refrains from delivering the message to Romero.

After Montoya departs, Jake takes a stroll and goes out for dinner. As his companions have been imbibing for some time, Jake feels uncomfortable in their company. While he is dining, Romero, who is seated at a nearby table, extends an invitation to join him. At Romero's table, Jake is introduced to a critic of bullfighting and they converse for a long time about Romero's profession and the upcoming fight scheduled for the next day.

While they were conversing, Brett calls out to them from a nearby table. She demands an introduction and it's clear that she's been keeping an eye on Romero. They relocate to a different table where Brett sits next to Romero. Mike is inebriated and makes inappropriate comments about Brett. After some toasting, Romero departs. Mike and Robert argue about Romero's interest in Brett. The situation almost escalates into a physical altercation until Jake steps in to mediate.

Jake and Mike depart and Brett and Bill join them. They observe fireworks that fall to the ground instead of disappearing in the sky. They attempt to enter the cafe for a drink, but it is overly packed. Bill's acquaintance, Edna, joins them and they go to a bar to drink. Mike starts to show an interest in Edna.

After others have left, Robert is the only one remaining with Brett and Jake. Brett impolitely requests for Robert to depart so that she can converse with Jake alone. Both of them express their animosity and repulsion towards Robert. As they exit the bar, they observe that Robert has been following them from outside. They walk for a while and then sit quietly under the moonlight. Brett discloses to Jake that she has developed romantic feelings for Romero and asks him to help arrange their relationship.

They see Romeo in a cafe where Brett expresses her nervousness and insecurity. Romero later joined them, and while they were seated, Brett held Romero's hand to predict his future. Jake makes an excuse to leave. After 20 minutes, when Jake returned to the cafe, they had already left.

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