The Sun Also Rises Book II, Chapter 13 Summary and Analysis

Ernest Hemingway

Book II, Chapter 13 Summary and Analysis

One morning at breakfast in Burguete Jake receives a letter from Michael saying they will all meet in Pamplona on Tuesday. He apologizes for being late but says Brett had passed out, so they had to take a few days to recuperate. Jake invites Harris to go with them, but he declines so he can spend the rest of the time fishing.

Later when Bill and Jake are sitting on a bench in front of the inn, a telegram comes from Robert. Jake and Bill are irritated with its brevity, so they send a return telegram that is equally cryptic. Afterward, they tour the local monastery with Harris and go to a pub. Harris really enjoys their company. When he walks them to the bus, he gives them envelopes...

(The entire section is 1677 words.)