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The Sun Also Rises

by Ernest Hemingway

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Book II, Chapter 12 Summary

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The next morning, Jake wakes up and allows Bill to continue sleeping as he heads downstairs to the stream to dig up some worms for fishing bait. When he returns to the inn, the owner is awake, so Jake requests coffee and a meal to bring along for the fishing excursion. After placing his order, he goes back to the room.

Bill is now awake. When they head to breakfast, he is in a cheerful mood and singing. There is some teasing and joking around, but the atmosphere becomes tense when Bill fears that he may have unintentionally offended Jake with a remark about impotence. Later, they prepare lunch, bring along some wine, and head out for the fishing trip.

They traverse through vast meadows and waterways until they arrive at the designated fishing spot. Jake submerges the wine in the stream to maintain its temperature, and then selects a spot on the dam to fish from. Upon casting his line for the first time, Jake catches a fish, removes it, and repeats the process until he catches six fish. He wraps them up and reads a book until Bill arrives for lunch.

During their meal, Jake and Bill engage in a playful dialogue, drawing comparisons between their food and a spiritual encounter. They rest under some trees and Bill inquires about the nature of Jake and Brett's relationship. Jake responds truthfully. They spend five days enjoying fishing and swimming, and occasionally, they fish with a man named Harris who is from England.

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