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The Sun Also Rises

by Ernest Hemingway

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Book I, Chapters 5-6 Summary

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Last Updated April 14, 2023.

The following morning, Jake makes his way to his workplace alongside the common laborers. He spends a productive morning at work before attending a press conference. On his journey back, he shares a taxi with a couple of other journalists. Upon arriving at the office, Robert is there to meet him. They decide to go to a restaurant and enjoy some appetizers while chatting. Their conversation shifts to Frances and Robert's responsibilities towards her, before Robert starts asking Jake questions about Brett.

Jake informs Robert that during the war, Brett took care of him when he got injured and is now married to Lord Ashley, but they are getting divorced so she can marry Mike Campbell. Jake tries to dissuade Robert from pursuing Brett by speaking negatively about her. Jake also shares some background information about Brett's past, explaining how she worked in a hospital during the war and lost her beloved. Robert is upset because he feels that Jake has insulted Brett.

Jake works after having lunch, but Brett is a no-show when he goes to meet her. He decides to visit Cafe Select where he meets Harvey Stone who subtly requests money from him. Later, Robert arrives, and an argument starts between him and Harvey. Robert claims to be experiencing writer's block.

Frances approaches Jake and invites him to join her. She informs Jake that Robert intends to abandon her by pretending to collect materials for his new book. Frances expresses concern that she will not be able to find another partner. Robert returns and Frances berates him harshly. She reveals to Jake that Robert had previously ended a relationship with a magazine secretary for Frances. Jake is surprised that Robert would tolerate such mistreatment from Frances. He departs while Frances is still insulting Robert.

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