The Sun Also Rises Book I, Chapter 7 Summary and Analysis

Ernest Hemingway

Book I, Chapter 7 Summary and Analysis

New Characters
Baron Mumms: the Count’s friend who makes wine

Henry: the Count’s chauffeur

Jake escapes to his hotel and finds Brett has been there. Although last night the concierge had thought Brett to be crude, today she says Brett is very gentile. After Jake showers, Brett arrives with Count Mippipopolous, who is one of her admirers.

While Jake is dressing, Brett comes in to see what is wrong with him. He again vows his love to her. Brett sends the Count away for champagne while Jake lies on the bed. He is trying to deal with his apparent arousal and love for Brett but inability to do anything about either of them. He asks her to live...

(The entire section is 1043 words.)