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The Sun Also Rises

by Ernest Hemingway

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Book I, Chapter 7 Summary

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Last Updated April 14, 2023.

Jake returns to his hotel and discovers that Brett has been there. Despite the concierge's previous unfavorable opinion of Brett's behavior, she now describes Brett as very refined. Once Jake has finished showering, Brett shows up with Count Mippipopolous, who is one of her suitors.

As Jake is getting dressed, Brett enters the room to check on him and he expresses his love for her once more. Brett sends the Count to fetch some champagne while Jake lies on the bed, struggling with his strong feelings of attraction and love towards Brett, but feeling powerless to act on them. He suggests that Brett either move in with him or they both go to live in the countryside. Brett tells him that she could not live in the countryside with anyone, even if they were her true love. She also admits that she cannot bring herself to say she loves him, despite Jake's repeated declarations of love for her.

Brett informs him that she's heading to San Sebastian and declines his invitation to join her. Later on, when the Count comes back with champagne, they engage in a conversation about their beliefs and principles. They then proceed to have dinner and go out dancing. While dancing, Brett suddenly realizes that she hasn't thought about Michael for an entire week.

While they were dancing, Brett confesses once more to Jake that she is unhappy. Jake becomes aware that this is a familiar cycle that their relationship has gone through before. Jake escorts Brett back to her home and gives her a kiss at the doorstep. Brett, feeling annoyed, pushes him away. Subsequently, Jake heads back to his apartment.

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