The Sun Also Rises Book I, Chapter 3 Summary and Analysis

Ernest Hemingway

Book I, Chapter 3 Summary and Analysis

New Characters
Georgette Hobin: a Paris prostitute

Mr. and Mrs. Braddocks: Cohn’s literary friends

Brett: Jake’s friend who is a sexually free alcoholic

Robert Prentiss: a rising novelist with the Braddocks

Lett: a homosexual who comes to the Bal with Brett and dances with Georgette

Madame Lavigne: proprietress/hostess/waitress at Foyot’s Restaurant

After Robert leaves the Napolitain, Georgette, a prostitute, walks past and begins a conversation with Jake. They go to dinner. While they are in the cab, Georgette begins to kiss Jake and puts her hand on his genitals. He stops her by saying he is sick. He...

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