Summer of My German Soldier Chapters 20-21 Summary

Bette Greene

Chapters 20-21 Summary

Patty has served a month of her four-to-six-month sentence at the Arkansas Reformatory for Girls when Christmastime finally arrives. On Sunday morning, Miss Laud, the head matron of the facility, announces that she has a visitor, her first in the entire time of her incarceration. It is Ruth, who has come all the way from Jenkinsville on the Greyhound bus. Ruth greets Patty with a warm, welcoming smile and a hug, and in the circle of her protector's arms, Patty feels "freshly born."

In a gaily striped red-and-white shopping bag, Ruth has brought Patty two of her favorite foods: a box of ginger snaps and six homemade fried chicken breasts, each sitting on "its very own pink paper napkin." As Patty samples her treats, Ruth...

(The entire section is 721 words.)