Summer of My German Soldier Chapters 18-19 Summary

Bette Greene

Chapters 18-19 Summary

The FBI agents get permission to take Patty into Memphis as her father has demanded. They assume that he is going to accompany his daughter when they take her in for questioning, but when it is time to go, Mr. Bergen says he cannot leave, because he is waiting for a call from his lawyer. As Patty walks out the door with the agents, she says good-bye to her father, but he does not answer.

As Patty and the two men walk to the car that is parked downtown, they must pass through a crowd of people milling around Bergen's Department Store. Word of Patty's ignominy has spread, and she is spat upon and called a "Jew Nazi-lover" by angry citizens. Sheriff Cauldwell intervenes, berating the crowd and making them disperse. As...

(The entire section is 581 words.)