The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse

by William Saroyan
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"The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse" by William Saroyan Quiz

Show what you know about William Saroyan's short story "The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse." Who are the characters, what is the setting, and what literary devices are used in the story?

  1. Mourad is known to have/be _________________.

  2. When the horse is returned to John Byro, it is tired, run down, and sickly.

  3. The boys immediately return the horse to John Byro when he first suspects they have it 

  4. How is John Byro certain the boys have his horse?

  5. William Saroyan uses this literary technique in the exposition of the story.

  6. How does Uncle Khosrove deal with all situations?

  7. When Aram attempts to ride the horse, what happens?

  8. What character trait is important to the Garoghlanian family?

  9. Who is narrating the story?

  10. What are some themes of the story?

  11. In the story, Aram is considered to be reasonable while Mourad is considered to have a crazy streak.