The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse

by William Saroyan

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What makes "The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse" interesting despite its lack of breathless adventure and exciting action?

Expert Answers

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In my opinion, part of what makes this story interesting is the youthful innocence of the narrator. He explains that, at this time in his life, "life was still a delightful and mysterious dream," and he is so amazed by the magnificent horse that he seems quite endearing. The fact that he continues to try to ride the horse day after day, even when it throws him so dramatically, makes me want to see what happens. Also, I find the curious morality of the Garoghlanian family to be of interest as well. They are famous for their honesty and apparently have been since the eleventh century—that's quite a reputation! To see the way the boys, Mourad and Aram, so young and yet so proud, retain their honesty in such a creative way is also interesting to me. They are determined not to steal the horse—they just want to borrow it for a spell, and when they see the horse's owner, a man who trusts his heart and the boys' reputation instead of his eyes (which tell him that the horse is his own), they promptly return the horse to him. This distinction is sort of clever and also amusing.

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