Chapter 9: 1940 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. How long had it been since Nel had last seen Sula when the chapter “1940” begins?

2. Where did Nel find the money to care for her family?

3. At what address did Sula live?

4. What did Sula ask Nel to buy for her?

5. What two things did Nel find in Sula’s purse?

6. How did Nel feel about work?

7. How did Sula feel about work?

8. How did Sula say being mean to someone and loving someone were alike?

9. How did Sula say people would eventually feel about her?

10. What news did Sula want to share with Nel at the end of “1940”?

1. When the chapter “1940” begins, it had been three years since Nel had talked with Sula.

2. Nel found the money to care for her family by cleaning for others.

3. Sula lived at 7 Carpenter’s Road.

4. Sula asked Nel to buy a prescription for her.

5. Nel found a watch and a prescription in Sula’s purse.

6. Nel felt work did not hurt one.

7. Sula said she never would work.

8. Sula said being mean to someone and loving someone were alike because both were risky.

9. Sula said people would eventually love her.

10. Sula wanted to share with Nel the news that death did not hurt.

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