Chapter 4: 1922 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. What did Nel’s mother want Nel to do to make her nose attractive?

2. How did Sula convince the boys that she was not afraid of them and could take care of herself?

3. What disturbing thing did Sula hear her mother say?

4. How did Chicken Little die?

5. How long was it before the family of Chicken Little received his body?

6. Who found the body of Chicken Little?

7. What answer did Shadrack make to the unasked question?

8. What did Sula lose when Chicken Little died?

9. What does Morrison say happens to a handclasp?

10. What did Nel say about Sula’s part in the accident?

1. Nel’s mother wants Nel to sleep with a clothespin on her nose to make her nose more attractive.

2. Sula convinced the boys she was not afraid of them by showing them a knife and cutting off the tip of her own finger.

3. Sula heard her mother say she loved but did not like her daughter.

4. Chicken Little drowned when his body flew from Sula’s grasp while she was swinging him near the water.

5. It was three days before the family of Chicken Little received his body.

6. The bargeman found the body of Chicken Little.

7. Shadrack’s answer to the unasked question was, “Always.”

8. Sula lost her belt when Chicken Little died.

9. Morrison said a handclasp would stay above ground forever.

10. Nel told Sula that it was not Sula’s fault.

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