Chapter 3: 1921 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. What was Sula’s relationship to Eva?

2. Who was Eva’s husband?

3. Name Eva’s three children.

4. How was Eva different when she returned to the Bottom?

5. How was Plum different when he returned to the Bottom?

6. What happened to Plum?

7. Who were the first people to join Shadrack?

8. Why did Hannah make love during the day?

9. What did Sula learn about making love from her mother?

10. What was Tar Baby’s bad habit?

1. Sula was Eva’s granddaughter.

2. Eva’s husband was BoyBoy.

3. Eva’s three children are Hannah, Plum (or Ralph), and Eva (or Pearl).

4. Eva was different when she returned to the Bottom because she was missing a leg.

5. Plum was different when he returned to the Bottom because he was a drug addict.

6. Plum’s mother, Eva, set him on fire.

7. The first people to join Shadrack were the three deweys and Tar Baby.

8. Hannah made love during the day because sleeping with someone was a commitment and an act of trust.

9. Sula learned from her mother that making love was pleasant, unremarkable, and a frequent occurrence.

10. Tar Baby’s bad habit was drinking wine.

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