Chapter 2: 1920 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. Where did Wiley Wright live?

2. Whom did Wiley Wright marry?

3. What was Wiley Wright’s daughter’s name?

4. In what city was Helene born?

5. Who was Helene’s mother?

6. In what house was Helene born?

7. How did Helene and Nel know that they were too late to see Cecile alive?

8. What was Helene’s reaction when the conductor spoke disparagingly to her?

9. Which of the discoveries that Nel made on her trip to New Orleans was most important?

10. Who was Nel’s friend?

1. Wiley Wright lived in Medallion, Ohio.

2. Wiley Wright married Helene.

3. Nel was Wiley Wright’s daughter.

4. Helene was born in New Orleans.

5. Helene’s mother was Rochelle.

6. Helene was born in Sundown House.

7. Helene and Nel knew that they were too late to see Cecile alive when they saw the black crepe wreath with the purple ribbon.

8. When the conductor spoke disparagingly to Helene, Helene smiled, and that brought her the contempt of the black men in the train car.

9. The most important discovery that Nel made on her trip to New Orleans was that she was herself, not her parents or anyone else.

10. Nel’s friend was Sula.

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