Suggested Essay Topics

1. Part One stimulates the reader to continue the book by leaving the reader with some unresolved issues. What are three of the unresolved questions at the end of the chapter? Describe each.

2. Change is a major theme in this chapter. Cite and describe at least four instances of change in the chapter.

Chapter 1: 1919
1. A common saying is that if one is silent, that person assents. Do you see any examples of assenting silence in this chapter?

2. Describe Shadrack’s relationships with others in the community on days other than National Suicide Day.

Chapter 2: 1920
1. When Nel said that her grandmother’s skin was soft, Helene made a comment. What was the comment? What do you think Helene meant by the comment? Can you think of instances in which this might be a good analogy?

2. Compare and contrast the homes and families of Sula and Nel.

Chapter 3: 1921
1. Describe as completely as possible the house built over a five-year period by an owner whose specifications continued to change. Now, add your description of some other unusual features the house might have had.

2. Change is a frequent feature of this chapter. Which characters seem to be dynamic, or changing, characters? Are there characters in this chapter who are static, or nonchanging? Explain your answer.

Chapter 4: 1922
1. Morrison writes that Nel and Sula stood away from the grave after the service.

…They held hands and knew that only the coffin would lie in the earth; the bubbly laughter and the press of fingers in the palm would stay aboveground forever.

What do you think she meant...

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