Sula Chapter 8: 1939 Summary and Analysis

Toni Morrison

Chapter 8: 1939 Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
Teapot: five-year-old son of Betty

Betty: often called Teapot’s Mama because mothering was her major failure in life; reforms and becomes a good mother for a while; relapses

Mr. Finley: was sucking on a chicken bone when he saw Sula and choked

Dessie: Big Daughter Elk; saw Shadrack tip his imaginary hat to Sula and developed a sty on her eye afterward

Ivy and Cora: Dessie’s friends

Ajax’s mother: the only thing Ajax had ever loved besides airplanes

The people of the Bottom talked about Sula. They were angry with her for taking Eva to Sunnydale and for leaving with Jude. Sula soon ditched Jude and he went...

(The entire section is 2600 words.)