Sula Chapter 7: 1937 Summary and Analysis

Toni Morrison

Chapter 7: 1937 Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
John L. and Shirley: a couple Sula and Nel remember from their youth

Laura: the helper who had been living with Eva, Sula, the deweys, and Tar Baby

Mrs. Rayford: the next-door neighbor to Nel and Jude

Accompanied by a plague of robins, Sula returned to the Bottom ten years after the wedding of Nel and Jude. The people of the Bottom did nothing to rid themselves of the plague. Their attitude was that one must learn to withstand evil.

Eva reprimanded Sula for staying away for ten years and suggested that Sula had only contacted her when she needed something. The argument escalated and Sula stated that Eva put her leg under a train to...

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