Sula Chapter 4: 1922 Summary and Analysis

Toni Morrison

Chapter 4: 1922 Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
Ajax: 21-year-old man with sinister beauty; a frequenter of the pool halls; calls Sula “Pig meat” when he sees her; Sula’s lover

Chicken Little: a little boy whom Sula swings around; drowns when he slips from Sula’s hands and goes into the lake

Patsy and Valentine: Hannah’s two friends who are visiting with her the day Chicken Little drowned
Four white, Irish boys: newly arrived residents of the Bottom; taunted the girls

Bargeman: the one who found Chicken Little’s body

The men in the community of the Bottom had a frequent haunt to watch girls and women pass. They squatted on Carpenter’s Road, the four blocks of...

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