Sula Chapter 3: 1921 Summary and Analysis

Toni Morrison

Chapter 3: 1921 Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
BoyBoy: Eva’s husband and Sula’s grandfather

Pearl: Eva’s daughter; real name is Eva; younger than Hannah; aunt of Sula; married at 14 and moved to Flint, Michigan

Plum: Eva’s son; real name is Ralph

Suggs family: gave food to Eva and her children; gave castor oil to Eva when Plum was constipated; poured water on Hannah when fire consumed her

Mr. and Mrs. Jackson: gave milk to Eva and her children

Eva’s adopted children: all three named dewey; one with red hair and freckles, one half-Mexican, one deeply black; no individuality of mind

Rekus: husband of Hannah; father of Sula; died when Sula was three

Tar Baby:...

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