Sula Chapter 2: 1920 Summary and Analysis

Toni Morrison

Chapter 2: 1920 Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
Cecile: great aunt to Wiley Wright and grandmother to Helene; took Helene from the Sundown House and reared her in New Orleans

Helene Sabat: daughter of a Creole prostitute; born behind the red shutters of Sundown House

Wiley Wright: nephew of Cecile; resided in Medallion, Ohio; married Helene Sabat, when she was 16; a seaman in port only three days out of every 16; served as cook aboard the ship

Nel: the daughter of Helene and Wiley after their ninth year of marriage

Henri Martin: New Orleans resident who writes to Helene to tell her of her grandmother’s illness

Porter: the colored man who points Helene and Nel to the coach


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