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Last Updated September 5, 2023.

Eric Bogosian's play subUrbia is about a group of people in their early twenties that still live in their suburban hometown.

Jeff: Jeff Gallagher is a student (sometimes) and filled with anxiety. He is in a problematic relationship with Sooze. He feels like a failure, as he seems to have big ideas and yet seems to be scared to leave his hometown.

Tim: Tim Mitchum is Jeff's best friend. He is twenty-one, athletic, and has short hair. He is an Air Force veteran and, now, an alcoholic. He is also racist and turns to violence. Despite his faults, some of Tim's redeeming qualities include his loyalty and care for his friends.

Buff: Buff Macleod is Jeff and Tim's friend. He likes to party, rollerblades, and secretly wants to be with Sooze's best friend Bee-Bee. Buff is easy going, albeit dull-minded.

Sooze: Sooze Beckwith is Jeff's girlfriend. She is a performance artist and performs for the group during the play. She is applying to the School of Visual Arts in New York.

Bee-Bee: Bee-Bee Douglass is Sooze's best friend. She is a nurse's aid at the local hospital. Bee-Bee is shy and does not talk a lot. She is angry and depressed. She ends up falling for Buff.

Pony: Neil "Pony" Moynihan is a former high school classmate of the group of friends. He sings and plays guitar. Since leaving high school and their home town, he has become a semi-famous performer. He opens for a successful band. His arrival triggers jealousy in the others.

Erica: Erica Gerson is Pony's publicist. She is described as sexy and becomes interested in Tim, despite his demeaning comments. She is also upper class.

Nazeer/Norman: Nazeer "Norman" Chaudry is twenty-four and the owner of the convenience store where the action takes place. He is a South Asian immigrant,and a victim of the others' racist antics. In addition to suffering racist remarks, he is beat up by Tim.

Pakeesa: Pakeesa Chaudry is Nazeer's twenty-year old-sister who runs the store with him.

Throughout the play, the characters question how empty and meaningless their lives are. While the characters are vibrant, they are somewhat unlikable.

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