Characters Discussed

(Great Characters in Literature)

Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes, a famous detective known for his powers of observation and ability to draw logical conclusions.

Dr. John Watson

Dr. John Watson, Holmes’s friend and assistant. He has just returned from the Afghan wars and is a pensioned army doctor newly introduced to Holmes.


Stamford, an old friend of Watson who brings Watson and Holmes together as lodgers at 221B Baker Street.

Tobias Gregson

Tobias Gregson, a detective from Scotland Yard who asks Holmes’s help in solving a case.

Enoch J. Drebber

Enoch J. Drebber, an American found murdered in a deserted house in London. He turns out to be a former Mormon who took Lucy Ferrier as one of his wives against her will. He was murdered by Jefferson Hope, the girl’s sweetheart.


Lestrade, a detective from Scotland Yard who works with Gregson.


Stangerson, Drebber’s secretary. He is found dead of a stabbing wound in a London hotel. Like Drebber, he has been murdered by Jefferson Hope, who seeks revenge for his sweetheart.

Jefferson Hope

Jefferson Hope, an American. When captured, he is working as the driver of a hansom cab in London. He murdered Drebber and Stangerson because they took Lucy Ferrier from him. He is not punished by the law for his crimes; he dies of a heart attack within a few days of his capture.

Lucy Ferrier

Lucy Ferrier, a beautiful young American. Jefferson Hope meets her in Utah and falls in love with her. She is forced by the Mormon elders to marry Drebber even though he already has several wives. She dies within a month of her marriage.

John Ferrier

John Ferrier, Lucy’s father. He tries to prevent his daughter’s having to marry a Mormon, but he is killed by the Mormons. He became a Mormon after he and his child were rescued by a Mormon wagon train while moving West.