(Great Characters in Literature)

Characters Discussed

John Anthony

John Anthony, the chairman of the board of a sheet metal plant. He is dramatically a fully realized character and also an example of a popular type that figured in early twentieth century industrial disputes. He fights stubbornly for his principles and is uncompromising in his attitude toward petitions from labor factions. Eventually, his resignation is forced by board members eager to compromise with the union.

David Roberts

David Roberts, a zealous leader of the striking workers who is Anthony’s counterpart in the ranks of labor. He is typical of the adamant, unyielding element prevalent in labor disputes in the early twentieth century. As Anthony is deserted by the board, so Roberts is abandoned by the union membership, and the strike is compromised.

Annie Roberts

Annie Roberts, David’s wife, who, though not an active character in the play, is an important agent in it. It is her death from the privation caused by the strike that causes the contending forces to think soberly and work out a compromise.

Edgar Anthony

Edgar Anthony, the realistically presented son of John Anthony. He expresses the views that employers of the future might be expected to have where labor is concerned.


Francis and

Enid Underwood

Enid Underwood, who are sympathetic to labor’s cause. Francis, because he is the plant manager, is not as overt in his stand as is Enid. She boldly attempts to reconcile the opposing factions, first by attending Roberts’ sick wife and then by pleading personally with Roberts to give up the fight. Significant is the fact that Enid is Anthony’s daughter.

Simon Harness

Simon Harness, a union officer whose compromise finally is accepted by the contending parties.