Strength in What Remains

by Tracy Kidder

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What is Deo's age and nationality in Strength in What Remains?

Expert Answers

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Deo was born in the African state of Burundi in 1970. This would make him twenty-three or twenty-four years old when he first arrives in the United States. Deo flees his native country to escape the inter-ethnic conflict between Hutus and Tutsis that has been ravaging Burundi and neighboring Rwanda, culminating in mass genocide against his people, the Tutsi.

Deo is very fortunate to leave the country when he does, as he comes frighteningly close to being killed himself. The campaign of mass genocide begins while he's working as an intern at a rural hospital. When Hutu soldiers break into the hospital looking for Tutsis to kill, Deo must hide or end up being another one of the millions of victims of this genocidal terror. Thankfully, he is able to make good his escape, and after obtaining a business visa, he gains entry to the United States to begin a new chapter in his remarkable, inspiring life.

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