Characters Discussed

(Great Characters in Literature)

Rose Maurrant

Rose Maurrant, the daughter of New York tenement dwellers. She is escorted home by her employer, Harry Easter, who wants to establish her in an apartment and remove her from poverty, an offer that she refuses. Sam Kaplan appears to sympathize with her family problems. Later, Rose tells his sister that she is only slightly attracted to Sam. The next morning, she returns to find that her father has killed her mother and her mother’s lover. Rejecting the proffered help of Easter and of Sam, Rose prepares to leave New York, for she feels that no person should belong to another. Perhaps later something will develop for Sam and her.

Frank Maurrant

Frank Maurrant, her father, a stagehand. Although he extols family happiness and propriety, he kills his wife and her lover.

Anna Maurrant

Anna Maurrant, his wife. Her husband kills her and her lover.

Harry Easter

Harry Easter, the manager of the office in which Rose works. He tries to establish her in an apartment, but she refuses his offer as well as his proffered help after her mother’s murder.

Sam Kaplan

Sam Kaplan, a law student in love with Rose. She will not accept his love, but she holds out a faint hope for the future when they are older and wiser.

Shirley Kaplan

Shirley Kaplan, Sam’s sister.

Abe Kaplan

Abe Kaplan, Sam’s father.