Strategic Selling

(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

Although selling is the largest and perhaps the most important profession in the United States, the average salesperson does not want to be called a salesman or saleswoman. The popular image of the loudly-dressed, fast-talking, glad-hander who is out to put something over on his customers has led to a series of euphemisms. Salespeople might be marketing consultants, field engineers, account managers, or something similar. The authors, experienced salesmen who have developed a highly successful training program, believe that sales is a highly skilled profession and have developed the “Strategic Selling” system to encompass this idea.

The book contains the same advice and strategies the authors offer in their two day seminars. Their clients include some of the most successful and highly respected companies in the United States. Their program teaches the salesperson to do solid research in order to produce a clearly defined program for a successful sale that takes into account all the elements of the potential transaction. There is no detail too obscure or trivial to be considered. This preparation is essential for the complex sale, one in which several people have to give their approval before the final agreement takes place.

The authors teach six key elements that allow the seller to develop a complete plan and which call attention to potential problems in the process before they arise. STRATEGIC SELLING offers a wealth of practical suggestions for setting up a sales program, but the message is as much impressionistic as it is specific. The book seeks to convey an attitude and a way of thinking about the sales profession that will enable sellers to achieve the maximum benefits both for themselves and for their customers.