The Stranger Part 2, Chapter 3: Questions and Answers
by Albert Camus

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Part 2, Chapter 3: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. During what month does Meursault’s trial begin?

2. What does the special news correspondent from Paris look like?

3. How many judges preside over Meursault’s trial?

4. What is the first thing the judge questions Meursault about?

5. What does the judge ask Meursault about his mother?

6. Following Meursault, who is the first witness called?

7. What does the doorkeeper say about Meursault?

8. Who does the defense call as its first witness?

9. What does Marie do at the conclusion of her testimony?

10. Who is the last witness?

1. The trial begins in June.

2. He is a small, plump man who reminds Meursault of an “overfed weasel.”

3. There are three. Two are in black robes and one is in scarlet.

4. Meursault must answer questions about his identity.

5. The judge wants to know why Meursault sent her to the home.

6. The warden of the nursing home is the first witness.

7. The doorkeeper testifies that during the vigil over his mother’s body, Meursault slept, smoked cigarettes, and drank coffee.

8. Celeste is the defense’s first witness.

9. She bursts into tears.

10. Raymond is the last witness.