Part 1, Chapter 3: Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. How does Meursault’s employer treat him when he returns to work on Monday?

2. Who is Emmanuel?

3. How does Celeste react when he sees Meursault?

4. How long has old Salamano had his dog and why does he abuse him?

5. Who is Raymond Sintes?

6. Why does Raymond want to get revenge on his girlfriend?

7. What does Raymond ask Meursault to do for him?

8. Does Meursault want to be Raymond’s friend?

9. What does Raymond say about Meursault’s mother?

10. What does Meursault do after he leaves Raymond’s room?

1. Meursault’s employer is in a good mood on Monday morning. He offers his sympathy to Meursault and asks how he is feeling.

2. Emmanuel is Meursault’s co-worker. At lunchtime they have an adventure running after and leaping onto a truck.

3. Celeste is sympathetic and says she hopes that Meursault isn’t “feeling too badly.” Meursault tells Celeste he is very hungry.

4. Old Salamano has lived with his dog for eight years. The old man becomes furious when the dog pulls him down the street or gets in his way.

5. Raymond Sintes is Meursault’s neighbor. He is a tough young man, reputed to be a pimp.

6. Raymond claims that he is supporting his girlfriend, but that she is cheating on him. He found a lottery ticket and bracelets in her purse, things he never bought for her. He’s convinced that some “dirty work” is going on.

7. Raymond wants Meursault to write a letter to the girlfriend for him. He wants to convince the girlfriend to come back to him so that he can beat her up and throw her out again.

8. Meursault accepts Raymond’s offer of friendship, but admits to himself that he doesn’t care “one way or the other.”

9. Raymond says he was sorry to hear that Meursault’s mother had died, but it was bound to happen at some point, anyway.

10. Meursault stands alone on the “dank, dark” landing, experiencing the smells and sounds of the hallway.

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