Chapters 9-11 Summary

Secretary General Douglas tells his wife, Agnes, of Smith’s disappearance. She urges that he discredit Berquist, one of the men who went to arrest Jill, because she thinks he has sold them out and to call out all the police to find Smith. Douglas tells her that this is impossible since they have already presented the false Smith to the world. Agnes calls her astrologer and asks for new horoscopes for herself, her husband, and Smith. Madame Vesant is troubled about making a chart for Smith since he was not born on Earth, but she manages to come up with something believable. She urges Agnes to stay calm and Smith will return soon, since it was necessary for him to “disappear” for a while. Agnes begins her campaign against Berquist.

Jubal Harshaw lives a life of luxury, attended by three beautiful but efficient secretaries and a collection of male flunkies. Jill arrives at his gate in a stolen van, supposedly carrying a corpse with her. Jubal orders her brought up. Also a medical doctor, Jubal disagrees with Jill’s assertion that Smith is not dead, but soon he detects a heartbeat. Jill manages to talk Smith out of his withdrawal, whispering into his unconscious state that she is his water brother. Smith and Jill are given rooms and allowed to sleep. When she awakens, Jill and Jubal discuss what to do next. Jubal decides that he will revive his own interest in medicine and observe Smith as a being who was raised in one alien environment as a baby and then thrust into another one as an adult. He learns that the government has announced that “Smith” will be moved to a place in the Andes.

On Mars, female nymphs mature into male adults. The Old Ones represent the highest order, the spirits of those who have died. Adults and Old Ones each have their own method of art. The primary art, for which the artists discorporated (died), is the depiction of the event of the destruction of the fifth planet, leaving nothing but a belt of asteroids.

On Earth, Smith is becoming more acclimated to this new environment. He learns to read (with total recall) in one day, even though he may not understand everything he reads. Physically, he is adding muscle by becoming accustomed to an increased gravity. Jill wants to leave and find Ben, but Jubal tells her that he already has detectives on the hunt. He is sure that Ben has been kidnapped, and they cannot increase the search lest his kidnappers panic and kill him. Jubal wants to know how much the Secretary General knows; even more, Jubal wants to know who is running the direct business of the Man from Mars.