Chapters 38-39 Summary

Jubal is overwhelmed at the death of Valentine Michael Smith, the Man from Mars. The other followers, however, seem unaffected. All are dry-eyed. Jill explained that Mike is not dead since no one can be killed, nor can he ever be away from them. Jubal wants to be alone, so he leaves the others as they go on with their daily business and returns to his room. He takes three pills that he has always carried since Secretary General Douglas had his stroke. He lies down and prepares to die. But he is awakened by Mike, who tells him that the Fullness is not yet. Mike takes Jubal into the bathroom and forces him to vomit out the pills. Jubal thanks him and Mike leaves, explaining that he has some things to attend to.

Jubal goes downstairs, where everyone is preparing for lunch. Duke is in the kitchen, stirring a small sauce pan. The inner circle is talking about the plans to leave the hotel. They are splitting up to carry on Mike’s message. Plans are made to preserve the area where Mike was stoned to death, burying him on the site and erecting a memorial. Jubal invites them to return to his compound, where they all look forward to swimming and being immersed in water. Duke continues to stir the broth, which is Mike. They partake of the broth, as they thank the “donor.” Jubal begins to understand. They discuss their financial situations. Mike has made them his heirs, so they are all at least millionaires. They will use the money to found new temples wherever they are going. Jubal begins a script of a movie about the life of the Man from Mars.

On the planet Mars, the Old Ones have reached a verdict about the fate of the third planet long ago. While it will be necessary to “weed out” the wrongness, they are in no hurry to do so. Since the humans are beginning to spread out across the solar system, it will be difficult to destroy the entire human race. Foster calls Digby and explains that he is going to be gone for several eons, working on a special assignment. He makes Digby the assistant to Mike, who is now known as the Archangel Michael. Digby and Mike greet each other with Mike’s greeting: Thou art God. Foster tells them to skip the formalities, agreeing that each one is God, but then so is everyone else. Mike looks around him, seeing all the changes that he wants to make.