Chapters 36-37 Summary

Jubal awakens the next morning, feeling more alive than he has in years. He encounters Jill waiting outside his door. She tells him that there was a Sharing-Water ceremony while he and Dawn were making love, so all of them were taking part. She explains that sex is more than just reproduction, but a joining of spirits. She tells Jubal that she is pregnant. Jubal meets Captain Van Tromp and his wife, who are also part of the inner circle. Madame Vesant wants to know the exact moment of Jubal’s birth so that she can do his horoscope, but he avoids her probing. Mike greets him ecstatically. They sit down to examine Mike’s progress. Mike tells him that he has finally realized that he is a spy for the Martian Old Ones. All his experiences on earth have been recorded and examined for future reference. Mike tells Jubal that he fears that the Old Ones are going to conquer earth in one of two ways: either by total destruction as they did the fifth planet or by making over humans in the image of Martians. Mike believes that humans will not survive this latter method. He fears that he has failed in his mission. He has managed to convince Jill that it is not wrong to discorporate (kill) those who have a wrongness about them. Cars begin to arrive outside of the hotel, but each one vanishes under Mike’s power. But here are still so many that he has not been able to reach. Jubal encourages him to persevere, that he should not give up as quickly as a human would, since Martians are able to wait for centuries before achieving their goal. Mike agrees and proclaims that waiting has ended.

Mike prepares to meet the crowds that are gathering outside of the hotel. The news crew is present, broadcasting the event. Dressed in white, Mike appears before them. He calls out his message of love, but the people hurl curses and accusations at him. Suddenly his clothes disappear and he appears as a golden god, complete with a halo around his head. Soon the words are replaced with bricks. Stone after stone hits Mike, but he still perseveres in his message. Shots ring out, and one arm is shot off, falling to the ground with the hand open as if in invitation to come forward. Bullets and stones continue to fly and Mike falls to the ground. As the crowd falls upon him, beating him to death, he says, “I love you,” and discorporates.