Chapters 34-35 Summary

There is public reaction against Mike Smith’s Church of All Worlds. Religious leaders are preaching against him as a cult leader and the Antichrist. Jubal has heard about this since he has broken his self-imposed exile from the news, though he has increasingly isolated himself, focusing on his household and the new babies that have arrived. He wonders if there is any significance in the names his “girls” have given their babies. Anne breaks the news to him that Mike has been arrested once again. Larry rushes in to tell him that Mike’s church has burned down. As they watch the news program, Ben calls to tell them that everyone is all right. Mike is still in prison, but everyone in the innermost circle escaped. It will be reported, however, that there were no survivors, since Mike used his powers to rescue his followers out of the blaze, so no one was seen leaving by any exit. Ben tells Jubal that, if he should decide to come, they will find him, but he will not say where they are staying. Jubal gets into a taxi and takes off.

Jubal, with much delay, arrives at the tropical hotel where Mike and his inner circle are staying. He finds that the girls have arrived already. The infamous nudity that Ben described does not seem to be practice here, Jubal notices. He is greeted by Patty, who shows him to his room. Ben comes to speak to him, describing Mike’s escape from prison. Mike had not just escaped from his own cell but had thrown up the prison doors in the whole prison, believing that incarceration was a “wrongness.”

Miriam and Mahmoud have also arrived. Mahmoud explains that he has joined the church without leaving Islam. He is helping to write a Martian dictionary. Ben reveals that all of Mike’s followers are gaining that powers that Mike has, such as teleportation. Madame Vesant has also joined Mike’s inner circle. Mahmoud explains that she has the true Sight, which she has used in even so meaningless a practice as astrology. Sam introduces Jubal to his wife Ruth, whose long black hair Jubal had been admiring. He talks about the changes that Mike’s teachings will bring about, when people can transport themselves anywhere, heal themselves, direct nature, and gain the empowerment that control will bring. When Jubal goes to bed, he finds that Dawn is in his room, offering herself to him. At first, Jubal resists, but he eventually gives in to the inevitable and they make love.