Chapters 22-23 Summary

After Secretary General Douglas guarantees Valentine Michael Smith his privacy, the press gradually backs off. However, Smith receives a massive amount of mail. One package contains a bomb, which explodes at the post office, but most include offers of some kind. A woman, Cynthia Duchess, volunteers to be the mother of his baby (by surrogate) and includes a naked picture of herself to advertise her abilities. Jubal orders Smith’s mail to be separated and organized, with only the personal letters from people he knew to be delivered to Smith.

Smith quickly learns the value of money after Douglas, who is manager of his finances, sends him a check book. Smith uses his money to buy gifts for his friends. He wants to by Jubal a Rodin sculpture, but the museum in France says it is not for sale. One person that Jubal has been shielding Smith from is Senator Boone, but at last, Boone can no longer be put off. Smith is finally allowed to accompany Boone to a Fosterite service.

On the way to the church service, Jubal warns Smith that the Fosterites are just after his money and the prestige of having the Man from Mars being part of their church. He tries to explain organized religion to him, but Smith does not “grok.” Jubal frets about the potential threat the Fosterites pose to Smith, but he realizes that there is nothing that he can really do to prevent Smith from getting involved in the religion.

Senator Boone greets them at the church. He tries to prevent Jill from entering with Jubal and Smith, but Jubal says that she is Smith’s nurse and must go with the Man from Mars since he is still not acclimated to Earth. Boone shows them a slot machine that awards a payout of tokens and an inspiration text instead of cash. Jubal wins the jackpot three times in a row and suspects that Smith had something to do with his great luck. Boone orders martinis to be brought. He shows them the body of Foster, the founder of the Fosterite church. Smith senses a wrongness about it. Boone introduces them to one of the young women in the church, who is a stripper. During the service, Smith is introduced to the congregation. He has trouble following the sermon, even though it is in English. One of the leaders, Bishop Digby, manages to get Smith alone. Jubal and Jill panic until Smith is returned and they can leave.