Chapters 16-17 Summary

Jubal recovers from the shock of seeing a group of men and two air cars disappear. He calls Thomas Mackenzie, who works for the New World Networks. Jubal had several news crews placed around his compound in case of some such attempt on his home, but the panic button he had pushed did not seem to work. Jubal asks Tom Mackenzie how he would get in contact with the Federation Secretary General Douglas if he needed to talk to him personally. Tom tells him that no one calls Douglas; Douglas calls them. Jubal cannot believe that a man that powerful is kept in total isolation. Tom explains that Douglas’s wife Agnes discourages him from having close friendships. This makes Tom think of a way that Jubal may get in contact with Douglas. He tells Jubal of Madame Vesant, Agnes’s astrologer. Jubal calls the number Tom gives him. He already knows Madame Vesant, having saved her husband’s life one time. He tells her what he wants, and she agrees to help him.

Jubal receives a call from Secretary General Douglas. He introduces himself as the attorney representing Valentine Michael Smith, the Man from Mars. When Douglas replies that Smith is in Ecuador, Jubal brings Smith into view. He threatens to bring the matter to the High Court if Douglas does not cooperate. At that moment, another squad from the Special Services Squadron (S.S.) is breaking down Jubal’s door. When the soldiers enter, Douglas orders them to stand down, especially when he learns that they do not have a search warrant. Jubal insists on keeping the soldiers under civilian arrest at his home. Douglas and Jubal finally come to a deal. Jubal will bring Smith to the Palace to see Douglas. Jubal also insists that Ben Caxton must also be present. Douglas explodes, refusing to allow a member of an unfriendly press to the meeting, but Jubal says the meeting will not take place unless Ben is present. Douglas reluctantly agrees. Mackenzie calls and is ecstatic when Jubal allows him to interview Smith. Later, Douglas calls back to tell Jubal that Ben has been found in Mexico, held for being drunk and disorderly in public. He soon arrives at Jubal’s compound and receives medical attention to rid him of the drugs that kept him sedated while he was in Mexico. He has no idea how he got across the border.

Jubal’s secretaries have Smith kiss them. Dorcas faints and Anne is shaken. She explains that Smith gives all his attention to the kiss, which is something Earth men do not do. Jubal tries to get Smith drunk, but he discovers that this is impossible.