Chapters 14-15 Summary

Jubal tries to contact the Secretary General and asks to speak to Gilbert Berquist. He is given the run-around, which anticipates since Jill told him that Berquist is one of the men whom Smith made disappear. As he talks on the telephone, he sees that Smith is watching a broadcast of a service of the Fosterites, a religious group that has grown in power and influence. Jubal thinks about stopping Smith from watching it but decides to let him and talk to him later. The Fosterite preacher announces that a couple has been given the word that they may “go to heaven” in a few days; there will be a funeral afterward. Smith sees this as identical to the Martian concept of voluntarily discorporating.

Jubal asks Smith about the Martian concept of God, but Smith does not “grok.” The Creation is, has always been, and always will be. Finally, Smith decides that God is someone who groks, which means that Jubal is God, Jill is God, Anne is God, and so on. Jubal thinks that he might not know what it truly is to grok after all. He is interrupted by the warning that two air cars are entering the compound. He orders Smith to go to the bottom of the pool, since he can stay underwater for a long time. The air cars carry police with arrest warrants for Jill for kidnapping and for Smith for escaping custody. Jubal argues the illogical nature of this, since it is difficult to kidnap someone who escapes voluntarily.

At the bottom of the pool, Smith decides he must withdraw until Jill comes for him. In the meantime, he will meditate on the words he has learned from the dictionary. He is awakened by a sense that his water brothers are in trouble. He leaves his body at the bottom of the pool and his spirit rises to the surface. He sees the men with guns. Though the guns are not the same shape as the gun he had seen before, he senses that these weapons are still “wrong.” When the armed men approach his water brothers, he “twists” them so that they disappear. Other men rush forward and they too disappear. The car, which still holds its pilot, gives off a sense of "wrongness," so Smith makes that disappear as well. Another car approaches, which also disappears when Smith realizes its “wrongness.” He retreats to his body and comes back to consciousness when Jill swims to the bottom of the pool to retrieve him.