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Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio is a collection of over a hundred tales from the author Songling Pu. If you’re looking for quotes to help you get going with your assignment, there are certainly many options that go along certain motifs. For example, if you were looking for something about fox spirits, which pervade the collection, there’s this one from the “Friendship with Foxes” story:

By thus seeking the companionship of a fox, I then am deflected from the true course.

The speaker, who is identified initially only as “a certain man,” is talking about how he was turned away from his original course by trying to befriend a fox, and through trickery, the fox turned him into someone who wanted to be a good man. The quote itself, like many similar ones in the book, has an allegorical meaning you can derive, about how being a good man can come from many unexpected sources, for example.

Foxes are used to express morality and lasting life in many parts of the book. For example, a pious man in the book replied to a question about who he really was by saying that

he was only a fox, who, by a sinless life, had finally attained to that clear perception of the Truth which leads to immortality.