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The Story of My Life

by Helen Keller

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1. Keller worked to make the world more accessible to physically disabled people. What programs does your community have that carry on her work? What are their purposes and accomplishments?

2. Sullivan was as remarkable a woman as her student Helen. Read a biography about her and discuss how her background affected her work with Helen.

3. Learn the manual alphabet. Compare it with American sign language. What are their similarities and differences? What advantages and disadvantages does each one have?

4. Many editions of The Story of My Life include the letters Sullivan wrote to people at Perkins Institution for the Blind during the first years she worked with Keller. After reading these, explain her philosophy of education. What were her methods? Why were they successful?

5. Watch the film The Miracle Worker. How does it portray Helen Keller? Anne Sullivan? What are some differences between the movie account and the account Keller gives in The Story of My Life?

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