The Story of an African Farm

by Olive Schreiner

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Part 2: Chapter 7 Summary

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Waldo prepares to leave the homestead and go out into the world. Em makes him sandwiches and helps him pack. She says that she will lock the cabin so that his things will be waiting for him when he comes back. Lyndall is sitting with her letters and papers. Gregory is beside her. When Lyndall goes to bed, Em enters the room, and Gregory complains that he thought she would never come in.

Em has something important to say to the crabby Gregory. She tells him that it would be better if they do not marry. He argues, but only a little bit. She will not explain her reasoning, and he says that he is sorry but also that she would be foolish to marry a man she does not love. Then he leaves, whistling as he goes down the road.

Waldo gets ready to leave the next morning, taking one last look at everything familiar. He meets Lyndall, and she tells him to remember that he is not alone. He will leave Doss with her. Lyndall kisses him and calls him “dear” as she says goodbye.

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