The Story of an African Farm

by Olive Schreiner

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Part 2: Chapter 5 Summary

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Tant’ Sannie is being courted by a number of men, and now another one is coming, a young widower by the name of Little Piet Vander Walt. Tant’ Sannie has just dreamed about him the night before, and the two sit up all night in a courting ritual. Their conversation is slim as Tant’ Sannie speaks of doctors. In the other room, Em works at her sewing machine while Gregory watches Lyndall, who is talking to Waldo outside.

Tant’ Sannie and Little Piet continue their courtship, and Piet explains that his dead wife gave him specific instructions about whom he should marry next (claiming that they came from the couple’s dead baby), namely, a fat woman who is over thirty, has had two husbands, and does not have a mole. This is a perfect description of Tant’ Sannie, but Piet is disappointed because he would rather have married his wife’s younger sister. Piet and Tant’ Sannie agree to marry in four weeks.

The day before Tant’ Sannie’s wedding, Gregory writes another letter to his sister. He speaks of Em but focuses more on Lyndall and her strange ways, like her insistence upon driving a buggy and posting her own letters. He says that her behavior is nothing to him except for Em’s sake, but if he was marrying Lyndall, he would make her give up her pride.

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