The Story of an African Farm

by Olive Schreiner

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Part 2: Chapter 13 Summary

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After hearing Gregory’s story, Waldo gives his food to Doss, whom Gregory has brought back with him, and throws himself across the bed. He dreams of mountains and the sea and of Lyndall there with him as a small child. Then he sees her as a woman, with her hand in his as they walk along the beach. Lyndall touches his forehead and his heart. Waldo awakens with a cry.

Waldo goes outside and looks up at the stars. Then he turns away in horror, for he cannot find Lyndall among them. He returns to the cabin and mourns, wondering if Lyndall even exists anymore and praying that she does. He cries out, wishing for his old faith and for the comfort of Christians (both old and new) and even transcendentalists, who firmly maintain that Waldo will see Lyndall again.

Waldo continues to grieve, crying out for immortality that he might have Lyndall back. He reflects on dreams and death, for they both come to all people. Then he enters into his soul and discovers a Universal Whole, a Universal Unity, and a Universal Life that conquers death, and he finally finds peace.

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