The Story of an African Farm

by Olive Schreiner

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Part 2: Chapter 10 Summary

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Gregory is straightening up the loft. He is now living at the farmstead and managing it, but he does not interfere with Em or try to control her in any way. He merely does his work. Gregory discovers a box of old clothing that must have belonged to Em’s mother. She had been a tall woman, and her dresses are long enough even for Gregory. He puts on one of her hats, covers his beard, and looks at himself in the mirror.

When Gregory goes back downstairs, he tells Em that he is leaving tomorrow and not coming back. He is going to find Lyndall. He is determined to have her as his own. Em gently reminds him that Lyndall does not want him, but Gregory is determined to go, for he can no longer bear his life as it is. He can no longer live without Lyndall. He must at least see her and be in the same place she is.

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