The Story of an African Farm

by Olive Schreiner

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Part 1: Chapter 7 Summary

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Two months after becoming schoolmaster, Bonaparte goes to visit Otto. He clearly has something in mind, but he tells Otto that he desires “an hour of brotherly intercourse” with him. Otto is pleased to see Bonaparte, for he has been wondering about the man’s current indifference. Otto pulls out a bunch of almonds from one of his blue bags as a special treat, and they sit down to talk.

The two men discuss some sheep that have gone missing, and Otto says that he cannot believe that the shepherd has stolen them. Someone else must have, for Otto himself has trained the shepherd and brought him to Jesus, and the man has a new baby as well. Tant’ Sannie has let the shepherd go but agreed that his wife and baby might stay a few more days.

Bonaparte makes a speech about loving all people because of God’s grace, and Otto clearly finds everyone worthy of love and respect. The two men pray together before Bonaparte leaves, elaborately blessing Otto and Waldo (who is going to the mill the next day). But as Bonaparte heads back to his room, he laughs to himself about the “rarest lot of fools” he is living with and about what he plans to do the next day.

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