The Story of an African Farm

by Olive Schreiner

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Part 1: Chapter 6 Summary

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Waldo finds Em crying in the schoolroom. Lyndall made Bonaparte angry, and he took his anger out on Em. Lyndall has actually walked out of school because of Bonaparte’s clear ignorance, but Bonaparte is busy making a good impression on Tant’ Sannie, so, as Em says, she will not send him away. Waldo gives Em some gum for comfort. Then he tells her a secret. He has made a model of a machine for shearing sheep. It is almost finished, and he carries it with him always, but he will not let her see it yet.

Waldo and Otto eat supper that evening, and Waldo is caught up in his dreams. He feels almost like he is in heaven. Then Otto is called up to the farmhouse. Bonaparte has received word that his wife has died, and he is inconsolable. Tant’ Sannie, Otto, and the servants try to comfort him, but Tant’ Sannie is already having ideas about marrying this new widower. She feeds Bonaparte some gruel and brandy. When they finally leave him to grieve, Bonaparte wipes the soap from his eyes and laughs to himself about his plan to marry Tant’ Sannie. Then he goes cheerfully to bed.

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