What are the plot, conflict, and any flashbacks in chapter 5 of Stones in Water?

Expert Answers

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Roberto and Enzo struggle to survive in the work camp. Enzo is being blackmailed into giving a nameless boy who has discovered he is Jewish his food. Roberto shares his food with Enzo, and Enzo tells Roberto stories in the night when he can't sleep. Roberto thinks back to his childhood during a long, sleepless night, remembering Sergio and Memo and playing games of war. In the present, the boys are forced to build a barbed-wire enclosure to hold a group of fifty Jews. Roberto and Enzo notice a girl and her young sister among the prisoners, and sneak food to them. They resolve, despite the risk to themselves, to do what they can to keep the two from starving, happy for the privilege of having found something worth doing.

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