Stones from the River

by Ursula Hegi

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Does Trudi die in the final chapter of Stones from the River?

Expert Answers

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I read this book years ago when it was on the Oprah pick list.  It is a story of Trudi, a dwarf who runs the pay library.  In the last chapter her father dies.  A lot of people come to the funeral and Trudi begins to get gifts on the steps of her library.  She does dream about George wanting to know what will become of him.  Trudi does not die at the end of the novel.  If I remember correctly she determines that she will go on with her stories and she will be the one in charge of her happiness as she was the one who created much of her on misery.

There is a lot of great information in the links below about this novel by Ursula Hegi.  Check it out.

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