The Stone Diaries Topics for Further Study
by Carol Shields

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Topics for Further Study

(Novels for Students)

  • Visit a local quarry or rock store and purchase a sample of limestone and a fossil. Do some research on these materials. Bring them to class and make a presentation in which you explain what geological connection may exist between them.
  • Read Spoon River Anthology (1916) by Edgar Lee Masters. Select one of the grave marker poems in this collection and imagine the life story of the speaker. (You may have to do some research on the period during which the speaker is said to have lived.) Then using first-person point of view, write the speaker's autobiography.
  • Research the materials used in the construction of the Empire State Building. Write an essay in which you connect what you learn to Cuyler Goodwill's 1927 speech on the anticipated growth in the limestone mining industry and the development of buildings and monuments in New York City and Washington, D.C.
  • Browse through library copies of women's magazines published between 1947 and 1955. Then write a paper on how they portrayed wives and mothers and how their views anticipated or contradicted comparable images promoted in women's magazines in the early 2000s.
  • Make a genealogy of your family, using the one provided in The Stone Diaries as a model. Interview relatives to learn the names and dates of your ancestors. Use a poster to write your genealogy and write a story based on an interview session you conducted or on a story a relative told you about an ancestor.
  • Read The Diary of Anne Frank and write a paper on how the diary was treated after it was found by Anne Frank's father at the end of World War II. In your paper describe how the text of the diary was changed before it was published.