(Great Characters in Literature)

Characters Discussed

Don Pedro Pablo Ontiveros

Don Pedro Pablo Ontiveros (PEH-droh PAHB-loh ohn-tee-VEH-rohs), called Pepablo (peh-PAHB-loh), an aged, easygoing Argentine ranch owner. He dies when woodmen start cutting his trees.

Midas Ontiveros

Midas Ontiveros (MEE-dahs), Pepablo’s heir and a failure at everything.


Marcela (mahr-SEH-lah), Midas’ daughter, who wants to restore the rundown ranch but is too proud to follow the practices of the gringos. Finally, she recognizes their good qualities and marries Alfonso.


Aquiles (ah-KEE-lehs) and


Héctor (EHK-tohr), Marcela’s brothers.

Doña Claudia

Doña Claudia (KLOW-dee-ah), Midas’ mother-in-law.

Isidro Puentes

Isidro Puentes (ee-SEE-droh PWEHN-tehs), the gringo owner of the adjoining ranch, which once was the property of Carpio.


Alfonso (ahl-FOHN-soh), Isidro’s son.

Roque Carpio

Roque Carpio (RROH-keh KAHR-pee-oh), a former convict who kills his unfaithful wife. While trying to kidnap Marcela, he is stabbed to death with her scissors.

Froilán Palacios

Froilán Palacios (froy-LAHN pah-LAH-see-ohs), the overseer of Pepablo’s ranch.

Doña Silvestre

Doña Silvestre (seel-VEHS-treh), his wife.


Difunto (dee-FEWN-toh), another overseer.


Leopolda (leh-oh-POHL-dah), his mannish wife.

Melitón Bazán

Melitón Bazán (meh-lee-TOHN bah-SAHN), a famous hunter.

Don Tertulio

Don Tertulio (tehr-TEW-lee-oh), who searches Pepablo’s ranch house for treasure.


Mónica (MOHN-ee-kah), the daughter of Froilán. She is Carpio’s only mourner.