The Stolen Party Characters

The main characters in “The Stolen Party” are Rosaura, Rosaura’s mother, Luciana Ines, and Señora Ines.

  • Rosaura is the story’s protagonist and viewpoint character. She is portrayed as headstrong, imaginative, and sensitive. 
  • Rosaura’s mother works as a servant in the Ines household. She wants to protect Rosaura from the hurtful effects of class discrimination.
  • Luciana Ines is Rosaura’s wealthy friend. Her party is the story’s central event.
  • Señora Ines is Luciana’s mother. Although she seems to be well-intentioned, her treatment of Rosaura shows the extent of her insensitivity and class bias.


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Rosaura is a young girl. Her age is not given, but she appears to be somewhere between the ages of eight and twelve. She thinks and feels deeply and has a strong sense of justice, as well as a powerful imagination. This imagination leads her to project her own feelings onto others and to read a great deal into their words and actions. The reader is told nothing about Rosaura’s father, and she seems to live in a world populated mostly by women and girls. When she meets boys at Luciana’s party, she immediately enjoys playing with them and gives them some of the largest slices of the birthday cake she is charged with distributing.

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Rosaura clearly craves the approval of Luciana’s family and is innocently happy when she feels that she has it. She is proud of being the best-behaved child at the party and of the trust Señora Ines seems to place in her. She even has a sense of power when distributing the cake, an activity which she turns into both a child’s game, imagining herself as a queen wielding power over her subjects, and as a way of showing favor to those she likes and disfavor to the one girl who was unkind to her. Her trusting nature—and her sense of her own importance and virtue—are devastated by the revelation that Señora Ines sees her as a servant rather than an equal. The author leaves her frozen in time at this point, and the reader has a sense that the emotional scar which has just been inflicted on her is deep.

Rosaura’s Mother

Rosaura’s mother, who is also a servant in the Ines household, appears at the beginning and the end of the story. Seen through the eyes of her daughter, she is overly cautious and suspicious, unreasonably hostile to Luciana’s family. The reader may see her in the same way at the beginning of the story, as she seems to be allowing pride to get in the way of her daughter’s social development. Later, when Rosaura is arguing with the blonde girl, it is evident that her mother has prepared her for probing questions from rich people about her status in Luciana’s household.

Rosaura also comments on her mother’s forthright nature when she decides not to mention that she would rather have a yo-yo than a bracelet, as she is afraid that her mother would tell her to ask for what she wants. Although it is initially difficult to gain a clear perspective on the character of Rosaura’s mother, independent of her daughter’s view, the reader is left with the picture of a woman who has perhaps had a difficult life and is thus somewhat tough and guarded. She is doing all she can to protect her daughter from the humiliations and disappointments the working class experience in the hands of the rich.

Luciana Ines

Rosaura describes Luciana as her friend. Although they go to different schools, the two girls do their homework together every day at Luciana’s house, and Luciana invites Rosaura to her birthday party, telling her about the magician and the monkey, which are a secret from other guests. Although Luciana is an important character in the plot of the story, the reader learns almost nothing about her. Although Rosaura feels betrayed at the end of the story, there is no indication that Luciana betrays her confidence in any way or regards her as a servant. On the...

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