Stevie Wonder C. Dragonwagon - Essay

C. Dragonwagon

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)

Stevie's songs of [his earliest songwriting] period undoubtedly have the Motown stamp on them, some of them also clearly have his special touch. With few exceptions, even the most canned lyrics and monotonous bass line and percussion can soar when the song is performed by that swelling, feeling voice. Of this genre, I particularly like Signed, Sealed, And Delivered…. It is one of the all-time great dancing tunes, and Stevie manages to imbue the ordinary lyrics with immense feeling and life. The frisky brass that is so often a part of Steve's early work is there; it's been toned down a little so it's less overbearing, yet none of its excitement has been lost. The melody line is far less predictable, much more...

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