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Harry Haller

Harry Haller, a steppenwolf, part man and part wolf. He has a strange period in his life, when he is fifty years old, in which he haunts taverns and picks up unusual friends, both men and women. Previously a quiet man with suppressed emotions, he finds a new addiction to alcohol, sexual eroticism, and narcotics that helps him to see his many selves for the first time, as exemplified in Pablo’s hall of mirrors. There, he encounters Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, stabs Hermine, and is sentenced by the court to eternal life.


Erica, Harry Haller’s wife, a madwoman. Her husband lives away from her and visits her only every few months.


Hermine, a woman Haller meets at a tavern. She helps him so that he will come to love her enough to kill her. She finds Haller a mistress, encourages his love life, and at last brings him to love her.


Maria, a woman introduced to Haller by Hermine. She is an expert in love and becomes Haller’s mistress. She has been Hermine’s lover as well.


Pablo, a saxophonist who prefers Mozart’s music to jazz. He is a fine musician as well as a dope peddler. He becomes Haller’s friend and introduces Haller to some strange sides of life. In his hall of mirrors, Pablo becomes Hermine’s lover. When the jealous Haller finds them together, he stabs Hermine under the breast.


(Beacham's Encyclopedia of Popular Fiction)

Apart from Harry Haller, the central characters in Steppenwolf are Hermine, Pablo, Maria, and the various Immortals. Since the story...

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